Christine L Bowen (CLB) is a creative, outgoing, and authentic person whose core values are Absolute Faith & The Golden Rule. She lives presently, loves wholeheartedly, laughs regularly, and she’s extremely passionate about living life to its highest potential and inspiring others to do the same. With over 25 years of combined experience in visual communication, professional networking, and personal development, Christine is dedicated to serving as a Creative Consultant to heart-centered entrepreneurs who desire to achieve a higher level of excellence in business & in life. Her mission — to reset creative mindsets for success thru consciousness and connection. When people connect with her, they are empowered to truly experience the lifestyle they were designed to live by applying the principles of the divinely inspired Create.Live.Be™ Philosophy — Your Reality… Create It with Vision, Live It thru Action, Be It as a Result!


Visual Communication • Professional Networking • Social Networking • Personal Development • Public Speaking • Broadcast Media (Online)